About us

Bodi International LLC was founded in 1993 by national investors and is one of the major group companies. Bodi International LLC has been leading the economic and social development of Mongolia by initiating and implementing innovative ideas, optimal solution and best practices in every business sector.

Bodi International LLC has been actively operating in banking, real estate management, construction management, infrastructure, mining and media sectors and established renown leading companies in those sectors and continuously developing their operations in line with latest requirements.   


Бодь групп нь бүтээн байгуулалтын салбаруудад зөв менежментийн бодлого баримтлан, чадварлаг үндэсний мэргэжлийн инженер техникийн ажилтантай хамт олныг бүрдүүлж, тэргүүн арга туршлагыг амьдралд бодитойгоор хэрэгжүүлж ирсэн Монгол улсын ТОП-100 аж ахуй нэгжийн нэг, хөгжлийг бүтээгч, үндэсний хөрөнгө оруулагч аж ахуй нэгж юм.


We have implemented ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System standard in our operations. This standard provides the foundation for improving an organization’s overall performance and sustainable development. Furthermore, its’ significance is to take corporate governance and management to a new level.

Based on its mission, “Bodi International” LLC will continuously introduce and improve international quality management systems and standards in its business activities and will prioritize the following objectives.

These include:                                          

  • Establish an effective system of stakeholder satisfaction by enforcing legislation and compliance obligations;
  • Make document-based decisions to improve the organization’s operations and implement them based on risk and opportunity;
  • Support the role and leadership of employees in the quality management system