The First Pension Fund was founded upon social demands and at both the initiative of employers and employees. The main purpose of the fund is to compensate for the shortcomings of the state pension system; to create sufficient pension income to ensure the future financial security of citizens; to address the social security problems of employees of employers; and to create an incentive for long-term stable work in the organization.

Starting from July 2, 2010, Bodi Group started this fund system and was able to make it a reality. As of today, the First Pension Fund cooperates with more than 1,300 members and more than 10 member organizations and is successfully operating by creating additional pension savings for their employees.

The main purpose of a private pension fund is to create additional pension savings for employees in addition to the state pension with the support of their employer. The employee will save a fixed amount from his salary to his pension fund every month, and the employer will add an equal amount to the employee’s pension fund. The employee’s pension savings are regularly doubled with the amount contributed by the employer.