The “Tavan Tolgoi-Gashuun Sukhait” railway project is a development that is taking place in multiple towns, which includes Tsogttsetsii, Bayan-Ovoo, and Khanbogd of Umnugovi Province.

As part of our social responsibility, our company initiates and implements activities and creative works aimed at the villages and provinces through which the railway route passes. In this context, every year, to protect wild animals from potential dangers and risks, depending on the time of year, we have provided support for biotechnical measures by putting grass and fodder in places where rare and very rare animals live.

According to collaboration with the Soum Governor’s Office and environmental inspectors for biotechnical measures aimed at improving the living and feeding conditions of animals, the work of preparing drinking ice was carried out, with more than 180 bales of grass placed in about 14 locations.