Bodi International LLC, together with Green City Garden LLC, successfully implemented the construction of the “Winter Greenhouse Project” in Songino-Khairkhan District of Ulaanbaatar.

Within the framework of this project, a greenhouse named “Eternal Summer” covering an area of ​​3000m2 was built and put into operation using Dutch technology. Tomatoes and cucumbers were grown in the greenhouse and over 30 tons of crops were harvested within 4 months.

In doing so, it was possible to ensure the food security of the citizens of the capital city and to supply new vegetables throughout the four seasons of the year.

In society, it has been always issuing that children who are struggling with tuberculosis are ostracized, there are not many people help them in society. Bodi International LLC, sought to support those children for handing over the gifts, playrooms, and toys, as well as providing them with financial assistance on International Children’s Day.