The 84th anniversary of the establishment and development of the railway industry and the professional holiday of railway workers took place on August 5.

This is a first class Tavan tolgoi-Gashuun Sukhait railway project, which has been implemented by Bodi International for more than two years and built by Mongolians with their own two hands.

To be more specific, on July 9, Bodi International handed over the railway to Tavan Tolgoi Railway LLC and successfully delivered 2,800 tons of cargo to Gashuun Sukhait station in the first trial transport, and completed the 1st phase of the project.

On the occasion of this historic day, the general contractor of the TT-GS railway project Bodi International LLC, and its subcontractors – Incon” LLC, Bodi Properties LLC, and Red Rock Catering LLC, organized “Besreg Naadam.”

During the event, 55 employees who actively and productively participated in major constructions that marked the development of the country and made valuable contributions were awarded the Ministry of Road and Transport Development’s Letter of Appreciation, Industry Leader, and State-Honored Rail Worker Awards.

Bodi Group organized “Besreg Naadam,” which included seven competitions and many arts and sports performances with all our colleagues.