The Mongolian National Construction Association approved its “Strategic Plan 2020-2024” at its 4th regular meeting of all members held in 2019 and has been successfully implementing its activities according to the plan for the past three years.

The MNCA held its 5th meeting of all members on May 12, 2022.

At this session, the 2019-2021 activity report of the Board of Directors of the association was presented and evaluated;amendments and changes to the Association’s charter were discussed and approved; and the members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of the Association were selected and approved from among all members.

Erdenechimeg.G, Chief Operating Officer at Bodi International LLC, was elected as one of the newest members of the Board of Directors, and Bayarsaikhan.N, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tsast Construction LLC, was elected as the President of the Association.

B.Gunbold, Head of the Policy Planning Department of the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development; O. Amartuvshin, President of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and Ts. Amarsanaa, Executive Director of the Construction Development Center; took part in the conference.

Since its establishment in 2009, the Mongolian National Construction Association NGO has expanded its membership year by year, and currently has more than 160 members and supporting organizations.