As part of its social responsibility, Bodi Group launched a large-scale, long-term project titled “100 trees – 100 solutions” in May 2022.

This project will be going on within the framework of social responsibility and will expand, update annually which is targeted to employees, the environment, society, education, and other areas.

Bodi Group conducted the project from May 18th to 24th in Tsogtsetsii soum of Umnugovi Province, planting 100 trees of five different types, and provided advice and information to local people regarding tree planting and care from forest engineers and conservationists.

The group company has appointed a working group to implement two tasks this summer within the framework of this project, which reflects the fact that the planted trees will grow by double. It includes:

Renovation and tree planting of the outdoor area and children’s playground of the 27th Kindergarten of Tsogttsetsii soum, Umnugovi Province.

Furthermore, it also includes refurbishing and planting trees in areas inside and outside the hospital of Bayan-Ovoo soum in Umnugovi Province.

Also, during the tree planting process in Tsogtsetsii soum, we met with the governor of the soum and nature conservation expertsto conduct research on trees, bushes, and shrubs growing in the Gobi area, including conducting research on other types of trees that could potentially grow in the Gobi.

In this context, the seeds of poplar and elm trees that grow in the Gobi will be ripe next fall, in October, and will be grown in Gobi and “Shariin Gol” for experimental cultivation.