Representatives of Bodi International LLC visit the factory of HuaDian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (HHI) at Tangshan city port of China. HHI does business in domestic and international power, coal, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, port, water, building materials, construction and other areas of engineering systems and general contractor, EPC contracting. HuaDian is also engaged in material handling engineering, thermal engineering, industrial noise control engineering, coal clean and wind power engineering and provides construction consultancy.

HuaDian Heavy Industries Co., Ltd is manufacturing two Drum Reclaimers and one Luffing Stacker for the Tavantolgoi Coal Terminal Stock (TCTS) project at Erdenes Tavantolgoi coking coal mine. The project manager, Davaadalai. T, HSE director, Tamir. N, an engineer, Ganbaatar. N, and TC, Anar. G introduce and check the manufacturing processes of the equipment as well as other products of the HHI at the port factory.

HHI is famous of manufacturing of huge metal structures, especially wind turbine towers across China. Bodi’s ordered two reclaimers have a huge drum, which is round shaped steel structure with 44 meter long, 5-meter diameter, 154 tonne weight. The goods will be arrived in Mongolia around July 2023.