From June 22 to July 2, 2023, representatives of the Mongolian mining industry visited Germany to learn about mining operations, production of machinery and its raw materials, as well as recultivation of closed mine sites.

T. Davaadalai, director of the Tavantolgoi Coal Terminal Stock (TCTS) project of Bodi International LLC, reports that Germany has 70 billion coal reserves, but about 35 billion of them have been used, and plans are being made to close coal mines.

Stackers, reclaimers, spreaders, belt Conveyors, etc. for mass and continuous material handling, and earth moving mining equipment is famous from Germany. These manufacturers are Thyssenkrupp, TAKRAF, and FAM, which are world leaders. For this reason, in a mine that produces 10 million tons of coal per year, coal is mined by wheeled excavators, coal is transported by belt conveyors, and stockpiles are created by stackers.

However, in the city of Leipzig, a lignite mine pit that has been used for more than 150 years has been planned and successfully recultivated for national leisure center over the 15th year.