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The Vice Project Director of Railway Projects


Director of the Procurement Department


The Director of Operation


The Director of the Finance Department


The Director of the Procurement Department


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The Director of Monitoring of the Planning Department

Chief executive officer

Mrs Dolgormaa has been working as the CEO of Bodi International LLC since 2020. She previously held positions such as director of finance in Bodi International LLC; chief finance officer at Golomt Financial Group LLC; chief financial officer at national park LLC; and worked as an economist and senior economist in Golomt Bank. She has 18 years of working experience in the banking sector. Mrs Dolgormaa is a graduate of the University of Finance and Economy of Mongolia with a bachelor’s degree in financial economist and accountant. In 2011, she got her Master’s degree in Business administration at Handong Global University of the Republic of Korea and further continued her academic study thus receiving a Master’s degree in finance administration from Australia National University in 2018. She holds a CPA and CPTA unlimited certificate from Mongolia.

Vice project director

ERDENEBAYAR B. has been the vice project director of railway projects at BODI international LLC since 2019. He has a long list of professional career portfolios such as Project manager at MonCon Construction LLC; Construction development manager; vice-commissioner at Mongolian Railway SOE; road engineer at Energy Resource Railway LLC; Master, Engineer and Senior Engineer respectively at Ulaanbaatar Railway JVC. He has a consecutive 14 years of experience in the railway sector. ERDENEBAYAR B. is a graduate of the University of Road and Transport in Irkutsk, Russia, in 2009.


Vice director of the business development department 

JAVKHLANT E. has been working as a director of the procurement department of Bodi International LLC since 2019. He was a vice-commissioner of the business development department. He is a founder of Pingan LLC; was a sales representative of Kunlun Group, a sales manager at Energy Resources LLC, and a regional representative of SunRun LLC in Mongolian. He has more than 13 years of experience in the sales and investment sectors. JAVKHLANT E. has studied Chinese language and Mineral resources at the National University of Mongolia from 2005 to 2007 and received dual degrees in respective fields. In 2010, he received a Master’s degree in international business management from the University of Finance and Economy in Tianjin, China. 

Operating director  

Erdenechimeg G. has held the director of operation position at Bodi International LLC since 2021. Her previously held positions include Project Manager at MNCA (Mongolian National Construction Association), Project manager and Director of Standing committee of MonICPA (Mongolian Institute of Certified Public Accountants), CEO of SD Service LLC, Director of Finance and Strategical planning department at S-Development LLC, Director of Finance and Contract registration department at Bodi Properties LLC, Economist at Bodi International LLC, Accountant at Mon Ci Con LLC, Junior auditor at Bizcon Audit LLC. She has twenty years of experience in the finance and banking sector. Erdenechimeg G. is a graduate of the University of Finance and Economy in Ulaanbaatar with an economist degree specializing in bank loans. In 2014, she graduated from the National University of Mongolia with a master’s degree in Real estate and Environmental economy. She is a certified public accountant and certified auditor.

Director of the finance department 

Myagmarjav V. is a director of the finance department in Bodi International LLC. Myagmarjav has been working in Bodi International LLC since 2003. He previously held positions including financial analyst, senior accountant, director of finance and accountancy department, and director of financial administration. In addition, he partly took the role of director of finance at Tsetsens Mining&Energy LLC, and director of finance at Undur Ulaan Travel LLC during his time working in Bodi International LLC. In the past, he has participated to construction of the Oyu Tolgoi 35KV electrical power transmission station, the implementation of a digital citizen ID card system, and installment of an aviation real-time monitoring system as a financial manager. He received a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Tax regulation from Mandakh University. He is a certified public accountant of Mongolia with no limit to liability.

Director of the procurement department 

BATTOGTOKH G. is a director of the procurement department since 2019. In the past, he has held positions including Director of Procurement unit in Southgobi Sands LLC, CEO of Khalkh Buudai Tsatsal LLC, Director of Agriculture group of Bodi Group, Customer service officer, Marketing officer, bank representative, customer service department’s director at Golomt Bank. He has twenty-two years of working experience in the banking sector. Battogtokh G. received his bachelor’s degree from Ulaanbaatar University in 2008, majoring in Business Administration. In 2000, he has graduated from Beijing Language and Cultural University.


Director of Tavantolgoi coal logistics center 

Davaadalai T. started his work in Tavantolgoi coal logistics centre in 2021 as a project director. In the past, he has conducted a Sainshand wind turbine project and worked in Wagner Asia Equipment LLC as the technical consulting team’s lead. In Ulaanbaatar Railway JVC, he took positions such as operator, machinist, service engineer, and engine driver for five consecutive years. Davaadalai T. graduated from the University of Road and Transport at Saint Petersburg, majoring in engine engineering. In 2017, he received a Master’s degree from the Queensland University of Australia specializing in engineering management.  


Director of risk management and internal audit department

Nyamdelger O. has been participating in railway projects since 2014 and took the role of director of monitoring of the planning department, director of the inner audit and risk control department at Bodi International LLC in 2019. She has nine years of working experience in various mega projects such as Shangri-la international hotel, New International Airport, and the New Railway project where he participated from the onset of the preparation stage to the contract closure stage duties including contract purchase by FIDIC contract design, building construction, project planning, monitoring, and project closure. Nyamdelger O. graduated from Yonsei University in South Korea with a Business Administration and Project Management degree.