Career Development

Embodying success

Why Bodi?

Achievements of Bodi group has been identified by passion, endeavor, cooperative intensions of each single employee.

If you come as a future “Bodi” staff, becoming one essential part of upcoming mega projects such as create your own value, we pledge you following opportunities.

Career development: Improve your career by uplifting self-value, proudness for making factual contribution to the state development;

Chance to learn and develop more: Include in variety mega projects, working reversely, permanently examine knowledge and skills, opportunities to develop more;

Well-experienced team: Work with superior leaders, all time supporting at professional development condition;

Comfortable working environment: fully equipped with required tools for developing and researching more revealed work


Бодь группийн ололт амжилт нь ажилтан нэг бүрийн улс орныхоо хөгжилд бодит хувь нэмрээ оруулах гэсэн чин хүсэл эрмэлзэл, хичээл зүтгэл, хамтын хөдөлмөрөөр бий болсон юм
Report meeting 2021


“LESSONS LEARNED”: TT:GS annually in November, organized the discussion about ongoing process and plan, conquering experiences, achievements, further problems to solve.
Leadership training

Practical Leadership

Administrating employees of “Bodi International” LLC and other group companies attended for training about how to lead the team, leadership management, team working and cutting edge managemental knowledge to enhance the capabilities of leadership team in 26th of November.


In terms of Bodi as a group company, implemented following creations:

Level up working to subsidiary entities

Accumulate working experiences to transfer other mega projects

Attend for professional courses with authorized certificates

Participate for meeting and conferences to other countries


In the company, more than 90% of employees have obtained bachelor and above academic degree. Total 60% of employees consist of engineer technicians.

Employees are participating for various types of local and international conference, exhibitions, and activities.


Training environments are pleasantly provided for permanently develop employment at project site.