Package 4 or stacker and reclaimer equipment for the Tavantolgoi Logistics Center for Coal Loading (TLCCL) project, implemented by Bodi International LLC is being manufactured by Huadian Caofeidian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in China.

The largest part of reclaimer equipment, a barrel is manufactured separately in Tian Bao Co., Ltd. in China. It is a cylindrical structure 42m long and 5.75m diameter.

Within the project, a total of 2 barrel reclaimers will be manufactured, and the first barrel took 3 months to complete and was successfully delivered to the “Bodi International” LLC on August 14, 2023.

Engineers and technical employees of the TLCCL project by Bodi International LLC took precise measurements according to the design drawing, accepted the equipment, and started transporting on August 15, 2023

Monsped LLC is fully responsible for the transportation from China to Mongolia, and planning to load the 42m long barrel in 3 parts. Due to its large size, it is going to transport the equipment under 6-8 overhead electric power transmission lines (power lines) 4-6 surveillance cameras in China, and 4-6 overhead power lines in Mongolian after obtaining approval from the relevant professional organizations

The equipment, manufactured within the framework of the TLCCL project, is the first large-scale equipment production and transportation in the history of Mongolia. May the TLCCL project team have a safe and successful transportation of the first barrel.

The Second barrel manufacturing continues at 60% completion at the plant site in China.