China Daily newspaper highlighted the “Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsuhait” railway complex project, successfully implemented by Bodi International LLC. The newspaper is one of the most prestigious newspapers in China, with over 530,000 active subscribers and over 40 million views regularly on its website.

An article about the “Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsuhait” railway was project published in the newspaper on October 2023 edition, under the title “Bodi International LLC ready to take on any challenge in country following railway success”.

In the article of the “China Daily” newspaper, “The Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsuhait railway, which will foster Mongolian economic growth and drive social development, is the first 1st-class train without intersection in Mongolia. From 2020 to 2022, when the project was implemented, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, foreign experts were unable to enter the country, the price of foreign and domestic transportation increased, a recession in the supply of goods, challenges in financing, and the war situation in neighboring countries, they faced new difficulties every day. Despite the difficulties, the railway was successfully put into operation as scheduled, commencing the coal transportation.”

The article also highlighted the experience gained and capabilities of Bodi International LLC as a contractor of the railway mega project, as well as the next infrastructure projects the company engaging with.

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