Bodi Group (Bodi International LLC) supported the initiative of the “Let’s Give Clean Air to Mothers and Babies”-2 project as of its social responsibility and provided funding.

As part of the project, which aims to protect Mongolian babies, mothers, and hospital workers from air pollution caused by urban air pollution, smoke, and toxic gas compounds, smart ventilation devices installed in 43 windows of the 8 rooms of the Neonatal Pathology Department of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health (NCMCH), where the ventilation is essential.

The head of the department, Battsengel. G emphasized that “As a result, air quality indicators of the department reached the standard norms, affecting the quality of treatment in a good way, shortening the treatment time of children, and eliminating problems such as sweaty windows and moldy walls”.

NCMCH is located in the most polluted area of Ulaanbaatar City. Due to many factors, such as the basic structure, the age of the building, and the height of the ceiling, the air exchange was not adjusted according to the standard. In addition, the workload of the hospital doubles in winter, creating a polluted and suffocating environment. As a result, some of the indoor air quality indicators exceed the tolerance level, which has been causing risks such as delaying the treatment process, causing serious illness, and adversely affecting the health of newborns.

Therefore, Bodi International LLC contributed to protecting the health of mothers and children by improving the air quality and circulation of the Neonatal Department with the help of the Smart Air Systems device designed by Mongolian engineers.