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Located in Bayan and Bayanjargalan soums of Tuv (Central) province of Mongolia, The “Buuruljuut Coal Mine and Power Plant Integrated Project” is the first independent Mine-mouth 300 MW power generation project in Mongolia, which is officially included in the Mongolian Government’s “New Recovery Policy” according to the Resolution Nr. 106 of 2021, of the “Mongolian Great Khural” (The parliament) as 5th power generation plant in the Central region.

To cover the increasing electricity demand of 80-100 MW annually, Tsetsens Mining and Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Bodi Group, has been gradually implementing the “Buuruljuut Coal Mine and Power Plant Integrated Project” a major initiative that has not been undertaken in the last 40 years in energy sector of Mongolia.

Starting from 2011 to 2016, “Tsetsens Mining and Energy” LLC has successfully conducted comprehensive research works, including detailed geological exploration, feasibility studies and detailed design of Buuruljuut coal mine, bankable feasibility studies and Environmental Impact Assessments for both of coal mine and power plant projects. All this research, studies was carried out in collaboration with esteemed domestic and foreign organizations in compliance with industry standards. The lignite mining operations started in 2017 and makes its contribution to power generation in the Capital city.  

All the necessary design drawings, additional studies, negotiations and essential contracts for the implementation of the power plant project were finalized in 2016-2020, culminating in the commencement of construction work in 2022.


  • Within the framework of the “Buuruljuut Coal mine and Power Plant Integrated Project”, the following sub-projects will have been implemented:

·       Upgrading Buuruljuut Coal Mine

·       Buuruljuut 220kV overhead transmission line connecting to the Central Grid of Mongolia

·      Road and railway connecting the project area to the Trans-Mongolian road and railway network

·    Road and railway connecting the project area to the Trans-Mongolian road and railway network

Main advantages of the Buuruljuut Power Plant:

·    Air cooling condenser designed to compensate for reduced water.

·    Circulating fluidized boiler (CFB) combustion furnace designed to minimize smog emissions.

·    Environmentally friendly and ultramodern technology in Mongolia is implemented in Buuruljuut Power Plant. 


The power plant has several technological advantages. Its circulating fluidized bed combustion furnace ensures complete combustion of coal, reducing harmful emissions. Additionally, the aerial cooling system significantly reduces water usage.

The most significant outcome of the project realization is the enhancement of reliability and independence Mongolian energy system. Additionally, it facilitates the potential to sustain the electrical system using domestic resources.

The realization of the first project phase also involves an increase in employment for a total of 700 individuals, with 350 dedicated to the power plant and another 350 for coal mining. This development is expected to give rise to a thriving new residential neighborhood, contributing positively not only to the local economy but also to the country’s economy in various aspects.

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