About us

Bodi International LLC, founded in 1993 by national investors, is the parent company of Bodi Group, which encompasses a diverse range of industries, including construction, infrastructure, mining, banking and finance, media, food and agriculture.

With a development history spanning 30 years, Bodi International LLC has remained one of the leading companies in Mongolia in terms of the tax contributions to the state budget, by initiating and implementing developments that set new benchmarks and products and services introducing innovations and new methods across all business sectors, and placed a strong emphasis on social responsibility and ethics.

Bodi Group continues to progress through continuous development by incorporating Mongolian ingenuity, talent, optimal solutions, and best practices into strategically important construction projects in Mongolia. The company is committed to making real contribution to the development of the country, society, and economy by fostering a community of creators–learners united by their passions and values.


Bodi group has launched a high skilled national engineer technician team with an acknowledged managemental policy in the construction field engaging with the genuine implementation of the leading method. Bodi Group is a development creator and one of the TOP-100 national enterprises in Mongolia.

Quality Management Systems

Based on its mission, “Bodi International” LLC will continuously introduce and improve international quality management systems and standards in its business activities and will prioritize the following objectives.

These include:                                          

  • Establish an effective system of stakeholder satisfaction by enforcing legislation and compliance obligations;
  • Make document-based decisions to improve the organization’s operations and implement them based on risk and opportunity;
  • Support the role and leadership of employees in the quality management system