Embodying success

Bodi Group tend to make impacted significant contributions to country’s economic and social development. Meanwhile, we are committed to carrying out activities that are friendly for people, society, and environment as well. We highly focus on improving the quality of education, sports, and nature conservation.


According to our corporate social responsibility, we are actively being part of various voluntary events and activities. Furthermore, we organize events as a being socially responsible company.

100 trees 100 solutions

Each employee of Bodi make their contribution to the fields of environment, society & education. Despite of that, they will strive to make factual implementation of 100 solutions as a framework of project mission.


We strongly care for operation which reduce the impact on the environment and trying to implement the advice of relevant experts and local citizens.


Cooperation within
the framework of social responsibility

Please contact us regarding any proposals for cooperation in the framework of social responsibility.


Sustainable development, 
social responsibility