Greetings to all.

Welcome to BODI International LLC’s official website.

We will present to you, through this website, our company’s historical path, its contribution to the country’s economic development, achievements, mega construction projects, and the first-ever nationwide development projects in Mongolia.

Based on our sustainable development policy, our company continues to conduct mega construction projects that advance the social and economic development of the country. In recent times, with the intelligence and hard work of Mongolians, a first-class railway that meets international standards along with subsidiary infrastructural facilities of high strategic importance embedded with innovations and advanced technology are being built.

I am satisfied to a great extent to acknowledge that our team is a pioneer in ongoing complex projects which will create the second wave of railway development in Mongolia, increase the benefits of the mining sector, and create the conditions to evaluate its natural resourceaccording to the standards of the world market, and bring the development of the new century even closer.

For nearly 30 years since its establishment in 1993, the management philosophy of Bodi International LLC has always been: “We unite together for true success, build creative progress and to bring a development based on humane and scientific principles, and apply world-class leading technologies and solutions as we introduce new line of production, services, construction and sustainable development in Mongolia.”

We are still working hard with the enthusiasm and dedication of our team to be a trusted partner to our client organizations in accordance with the long-term goal and principle to meet the demands of the growing market. In the future, we are ready to pursue various projects and plans that will bring real benefits to our country’s economy.

It is a great pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to all our colleagues and partner organizations who are working together towards the global growth of Bodi Group. We will continue to support you.